[On Hiatus Until Further Notice. Sorry.]

I like to go by Doctor Jonathan Crane. But Gotham regularly knows me as Scarecrow. I am a reformed villain. Well, I'm trying, anyway.

[[I play Crane how I see him. If you have a problem with that then tough toes, you DON'T have to follow me.]]

Jonathan Crane’s name had gone off the radar of the GCPD’s list (as well as other Police Stations’ lists). At least for now, it did since he had been laying low. Which meant, it would be safe to just go out for a nice stroll.

And go out for a nice stroll, he did. At night, even.

It was night time when he did most of his deep thinking. It was night when he did most of his planning and when those plans were carried out. He didn’t like working in the day time. The sun would always blind him. And then sometimes it would just get too warm..

Jonathan walked into a vacant diner and sat down at an empty table. Only a few people were working at that time of night. “Anything to drink?” the waitress asked him. “Coffee, please.” Jonathan replied to the girl. One might ask, ‘Coffee? At three o’clock in the morning?’ He always ordered coffee. Always. And it was the only thing he ordered that night.

While sitting there, he organized his thoughts and filed them away perfectly in a filing cabinet on the left side of his brain. Once, he sparked conversation with the waitress, but that fire soon faded. Hm. Time to move on, tonight. With that thought, he got up, left a tip, and left.

It wasn’t yet time to return back home though.. So, to the nearby park it was.